Using a patented mechanism designed in Europe, Suretagz has been developed for the consumer to simply and easily identify a wide variety of cables including power, speaker, interconnects, HDMI, fiber optics and more.

  • Suretagz is made of a special durable PVC plastic which is completly recycable. Every package of Suretagz is made out of recycled material, which can be used again and again.
  • Great for use during painting and other renovations (designed to fit Romex cables, no more masking tape !!).
  • Avoid annoying accidental cable box re-boots during your favorite TV programs.
  • Mark all your critical computer components to avoid accidental file loss.
  • At the present time we have 3 common packs available for Audio, Video and Computer use.
  • 2 blanks are currently supplied in each package.
  • For bulk orders, Suretagz can be branded with your company’s logo and message.
  • Custom quantities and shapes are available.
  • All our products are designed and manufactured in-house, minimizing your costs and making custom options possible.
  • Do you have an idea where Suretagz could be used? Let us know, we’re always listening.


Remove Suretag from package
Remove Suretag from package
Place over cable and simply let go !!

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