Project Description


A step-by-step guide to how YOUR item is designed and manufactured.

  • First you need to decide the purpose of your item – for this example we are going to explain a Car Warranty Case. Then you need to decide shape, size, number of pockets for manuals, business cards, ownership, etc. and material of your item. Usually company colours are chosen, with clear or semi clear pockets so that items contained are easily seen.
  • Tools are then made or used from our 700+ stock tools. These are precision made tools specifically for your item – using very high quality steel set in a very heavy duty wood frame.
  • Material is then automatically cut to the appropriate pieces. Often several different lengths and widths are needed to manufacture your item.
  • Then it is on to Heat Sealing, which fuses the atoms in the 2, 3 or more materials using high frequency waves and several tons of pressure. This creates a bond which is very strong, smooth and long lasting much like a seam on a garment. You may choose a smooth or stitched looked to the seams.
  • The extra material around the edges is then torn away and the item is ready for printing. In some cases the material is screened or printed before Heat Sealing.
  • The item can then be screen printed or hot foil stamped with your company logo and other info. Most materials may be embossed also.
  • Once printing has been completed you may choose to have buttons, clips or velcro added to keep the item closed, or eyelets added to hang the item for store displays. Other features may also be required for your item – contact us to discuss.
  • The item has now been completed and is ready for packing and shipping to you. Throughout the entire process, items are verified for accuracy and very tight tolerances are used from start to finish.

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