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  • Is your dealership having trouble fitting all the pamphlets, keys and manuals into your tiny warranty case or AUTO WARRANTY WALLETS ? Fallco manufactures many different styles, shapes and sizes – Call for a free quote today!
  • Warranty Cases can be a critical part of your business. They promote your dealership and your service department after the sales has been made. We all know that your job is not finished once the car has been delivered.
  • Your client demands a formidable service experience also. What better way than to slip a coupon book into the car warranty case?
  • How about making a deal with some of your local restaurants or shops to help the entire community? Or make the Warranty Case a coupon as well – Save $500.00 on your next car purchase – naturally at your dealership only.
  • Here’s your chance to design a new case for your dealership. Or provide us with all the items needed, and we will provide you with the best suited design.
  • Not only will our Warranty Cases impress your clients with quality, they are long-lasting and the print never fades or discolours. As always, quantity discounts are available. The more you buy, the more you save.
  • Are you moving, renovating, or just having an awareness campaign? How about handing out a handy Business/License Card Holder. What an economic way to put your name in your clients pocket.
  • As Fallco Vinyl Products is the manufacturer, your choice of items is fully customizable. The colour, material, and of course the printing options are YOURS to choose. We work together with you to produce the perfect High Quality Sales Tool for you.
  • Call us to discuss any other options you may need.

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