Excellent job. They appear to be just as I imagined. I tried a cover and they look great. I will let you know about the durability. I think they will do just fine. I will stay in touch and keep you updated. Also thanks for sending the two sample books. I see how they could be advertised on and this opens up more doors for future jobs. I will keep you posted.


Yardage Book Covers



These are fabulous! Thank you.


Clear Vinyl Pouches



Hi - Just had to tell you I LOVE these new bracelets - they're PERFECT!! Thank you!


Clear Vinyl Bracelets



That's wonderful - we are scratching around for some right now so Monday will be great - thanks (sent Friday morning)


Printed Travel Tags



Hope you are having a great day. We have received your package with the coasters here at the office and I have discussed the prices with Carolyn. We were very pleased with both the coasters and your proposed prices. We will present the coasters and prices at our upcoming Board Meeting on September 7th and then get back to you with the Board’s decision. Thank you so much for your time.


Vinyl Coasters



Please accept our sincere thanks for the red bookmarks that you so kindly printed for us. We handed all but 40-50 of them out last night and I can assure you they were a big hit - so apropos for an event at a bookstore! They were absolutely perfect.


Bookstore Book Launch



... By the way - the bookmarks were (and are) a BIG hit! We still have some left, but not many. They worked out very well for various events and were always received well. Thanks for your help! Kathy



Oliver, let me know when they are ready and how many cartons and I'll have the next 100,000 picked up on Friday morning.



Large Quantities



That looks awesome!  I'm so pleased you were able to use the invitation.  Above is the link to the PEN lettering - it doesn't have to be exact, but if you have anything that curly I'd like to see it.....I'm still leaning towards black ink on beige vinyl.  Any new thoughts on that from you guys?

Thanks again, have a great weekend!



Luggage Tags (Part of a Wedding Gift)




THEY LOOK AWESOME!!  Thanks so much for everything - I am just so pleased with them!!   Better than I had hoped for by far when I first started thinking I'd get the ABC Supplier ones....

Thanks again!!



Luggage Tags (Part of a Wedding Gift)





Cigar Holders



The wallets are great, have used roughly 5000 so far.  Still have some stock, but will definitely re-order when needed.



Vinyl Wallets

It is perfect, go ahead with 60 on the blue background.



Golf Score Card Holder


They are fabulous!

Only positive feedback received so far.



Business Card Holders

Good morning:

My weekend was great, I hope you had a good one too!  What a nice surprise!

Thank you for the pictures - the pouches look great.  Keep me posted

Thanks again.


USB Stick Holders



Thank you for the quick service on the Molson Job, really appreciated, there will be more to follow in the new year

happy Holidays


Business Card Holders