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What We Do:

This page will help you understand how we can help you and give you some information about the types of products we can provide to you and describe the many custom variations.

  • We provide Radio Frequency Heat Sealed products ranging from simple 2 pocket License/Card Holders/Insurance to complex Auto Warranty/Manual Cases (Car Cases), Travel Cases (Room for ticket, passports, personal identification, and more), and Pouches of all sorts of sizes and shapes to hold and proudly display your products and message.
  • All products are available in a very wide assortment of colours, textures or plain clear materials.

See our Products section for a small selection of items we carry.

  • Single or multi-colour printing is available to personalize your products with your Company's name or logo. This is done using our High-Tech foil stamping machines. Many colours are available.
  • Silk-Screening is available for larger items which are text or graphics heavy.
  • Embossing is available on certain materials.
  • Custom quantities available. Large or small, we are your source.
  • All products are designed and manufactured in-house, minimizing your costs.

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Prices available by request.

A sample of what we can do for you

Scalloped Coaster
We can create items in almost any shape

A sample of what we can do for you

Policy Holder
Letter sized, shown with clear business card holder and velcro snaps