About Us

About us


A brief History and Description of our Proud Company

About Us:

  • Fallco Vinyl Products was founded in 1967 when after emigrating from Germany, Mr. Fall using knowledge gained from a wide range of past experiences envisioned a company that could provide others with the finest vinyl promotional and packaging items.
  • Our company has grown to supply many other well known companies with their vinyl needs.
  • All items are designed manufactutured and printed in Canada from Tools that are all made in Canada.
  • We personalize your items from start to finish, all done in-house with that special "Family-Touch". The quality, craftsmanship, and dedication that comes from a family orientated shop is second to none.
  • We are a fast-moving company that is able to supply and adjust to your growing needs and we have Excellent lead times.
  • In the Products section of this website you will find a small, ever growing sample of products available to you. And remember they are all fully customizable.
  • Our innovative "ECO" manufacturing concept, which means all waste cardboard and paper fibers are collected and transferred to an accredited recycling centre. Allthough minimal vinyl waste is produced, it is also collected and recycled.
  • We invite you to spend a few minutes to browse our website - let your imagination run wild with ideas on how we can save you time and money.
The Family

The First two generations of
Fallco Vinyl Products Ltd.

Masonic Regalia

Masonic and other fraternal regalia custom printed